How will the new Disney movie Moana fit into your world?

The new Disney film Moana, which is set to be released this summer, is set in a magical world with a very different story.

Moana is set 300 years in the future and takes place on Maui.

This makes the film more of a contemporary story than anything Disney has ever done before.

But while the film has been a big hit with critics and audiences, it has had a hard time staying on the same path as the films previous Disney films.

Moab, the main island in the movie, is not seen as the heart of the story.

Instead, it is used as the backdrop for the island’s many other inhabitants.

Moawakua, a village in the main kingdom, is the epicenter of the film.

But as you would expect, Moawahuku, the smaller island in Maui, is where the story takes place.

The main cast includes Leif Eriksson (Frozen) as Moana and Kalani Maia (Kiki’s Delivery Service) as the titular Moana.

The film’s cast also includes an assortment of new faces and familiar faces.

The story is set on a small island of Maui that is teeming with life and wildlife, but the island has been under threat from a giant sea creature called the Oahu Manta, which threatens to destroy the island.

The Manta is a creature that inhabits underwater volcanoes, so it is feared that it will soon destroy the entire island.

In the end, the island is saved by the powerful Maui Moana who travels to save the island from destruction.

The film’s biggest question mark comes from the music and voice cast.

While the music is solid, the voice work is lackluster.

Maia’s performance is pretty average for a Maui star, and the film’s supporting cast is pretty small.

Moana has already been renewed for a second season, and Disney is hoping that the film can become an even bigger hit with audiences.

If the film succeeds at the box office, Disney could potentially be the studio to finally win over audiences after years of underperforming their previous Disney movies.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though.

The movie has also earned rave reviews and was given a grade of A CinemaScore from critics.

Disney and Pixar have yet to announce a release date for Moana but have hinted that it could be in theaters this summer.

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