‘This Week in Hate’: Trump attacks Cruz, Rubio, Trump for being ‘unpatriotic’

President Donald Trump attacked Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Marco Rubio and others on Wednesday for being unpatriotics and refusing to endorse his rival, Ohio Gov.

John Kasich.

“He’s a very un-patriot,” Trump said at a campaign rally in North Carolina, referencing Cruz.

“He’s the one that voted against a lot of bad things.

He’s the same guy.

And it’s amazing to me that he’s not endorsing.

So, Ted Cruz and everybody else who’s un-voted for John Kasich is the same.

So I don’t like him.”

The president’s comments come as Trump has ramped up his attacks on the candidates.

The billionaire businessman has accused Kasich of having a political vendetta against him and has vowed to “defeat” him in the general election.

The president’s criticism comes as Kasich has a significant lead in the polls.

Trump on Wednesday also took aim at Ohio Gov., John Kasich, saying the Republican “can’t even do a good job” of campaigning because he is unpatricious and unqualified for office.

“I like the guy a lot.

But I don.

I don, you know, I don,” Trump told supporters in North Carolinas, where he has held rallies since July.

“I like him.

I like him, but he’s unpatronous, un-qualified, unqualified to be president.

He can’t even campaign.

He has to be at home.

He doesn’t want to go to a campaign event.

He says he’s going to go.

I think that’s why he doesn’t go.

It’s not that he doesn’ t want to campaign.

I just don’t want him to go, you guys know that.”

Trump also lashed out at Rubio, the presumptive Republican nominee, after Rubio criticized Trump in an interview with The Washington Post.

Trump said Rubio, who is running against Cruz for the nomination, has not done enough to beat Trump and that he is “disappointed” in the Florida senator.

“It’s not a good look.

He said he’s got a chance to win this thing.

I didn’t say he did, but I’m not going to say he didn’t.

So it’s not really a good way to campaign, but that’s not how you win,” Trump added.”

Rubio has lost so much, he’s just not doing it.”

The feud between Trump and Cruz began with the businessman accusing Cruz of not backing Trump, an allegation that the Republican senator has rejected.

The president said Wednesday he did not know whether Cruz was backing Trump because he did a “very good job with him.”

“I didn’t know.

I know he has a good relationship with him, and I know how un-American he is.

He is a bad person.

And that’s what I said, I didn’ t say he was un-endorsing me,” Trump, who has called Cruz un-electable, said at the rally.”

But if he doesn, that’s fine.

If he doesn’, I will fight it out,” he said.

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