When we say Halloween, we mean “home” song

An Israeli pop singer, the son of an American billionaire and the daughter of a British-born Israeli citizen, has written an explosive song about the terror attacks on New York and London that left 129 people dead.

“Halloween is a holiday,” the singer, Reem Elor, told the BBC.

“It is the celebration of the spirit of our country.”

“The spirit of this holiday is that you have to protect yourself and that you don’t let the darkness overtake you.”

Elor is the son and brother of Israeli-born philanthropist and philanthropist Shmuel Elor.

He is also the son-in-law of a billionaire who is married to the daughter-in -law of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

The pair were named to the prestigious Order of Israel in 2002.

Elor was born in Jerusalem to an American father and an Israeli mother.

His father, a businessman, immigrated to the US in 1959 and later founded his own company, Elor Industries.

The family emigrated to Israel in the 1960s and moved to Tel Aviv in the 1980s.

In 1982, his father was killed in a plane crash when his plane crashed in the Sinai Desert.

In 2002, the couple moved to New York City where they settled.

They started recording their song “Home,” which has since been performed in concert and on radio stations worldwide.

The song has been described as a tribute to the victims of the attacks.

It’s been covered by the likes of Katy Perry, who was quoted as saying, “It’s the perfect song to go out with when you’re feeling depressed, or when you just need a good song to take a deep breath.”

“Hoping to give you hope,” she added.

“I hope that my words are going to help you feel better.

Hope is something that’s missing in this world right now.”

The song was written by Elor and the singer and producer of the band Belly, Lior Dagan, on a song called “Holidays.”

The singer, who is Jewish, said in a video posted on YouTube, “I’m a very proud person.

I’m a proud Jew.”

Elan and Dagan have written several songs in support of Israel, including “Hate Your Neighbor,” which was a hit in the US, “Dancing on the Moon” and “A Day Without Us.”

“When we say holidays, we do it for our families,” said Dagan.

“We do it because we love Israel.

We are proud and we’re not ashamed. “

My heart is a lot lighter when I see that this country is strong.

We are proud and we’re not ashamed.

This is what we believe in.”

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