Why is the Pina Colada song the country’s anthem?

An old song is about to make its way to the top of the pop charts.

The country song, “Pina Coladas,” will have a new songwriter, the country songwriter is in the running to replace the late Michael Jackson, the singer and entertainer has announced.

The song, from the 1970s, was nominated for the songwriter’s Oscar in 2009.

But it has yet to win a Grammy nomination, although it did win the Country Album of the Year award in 2012.

The story behind the song is that in 1968, a family was vacationing in Canada and a local resident told Jackson that he wanted to play the song on the porch.

That same year, Jackson released his “I Want You” album, and that same year he released his hit song, The Star-Spangled Banner.

The new song, which is about the family vacation in Canada, will be produced by singer-songwriter Michael C. Smith, a former songwriter for Jackson.

Smith is also the co-founder of the Country Music Association of Canada, the group that represents country music artists.

Caitlin Johnston, executive director of the Canada-United States Music Award, said in a statement Monday that she was “excited” about the song’s nomination.

“It will be a new chapter in the country music canon, and a new national anthem for Canada,” Johnston said in the statement.

“The songwriter of this new anthem is a Canadian born and raised.

This song will be our national anthem.”

The song is an offbeat take on “Pancho Villa,” a song about a young man who was a hard-drinking drunk who killed a dog.

The song was nominated in 1969 for the Country Songwriter of the Century award.

It has been in the pop music charts for decades.

It was first heard in 1959 on the album “Papa’s New Groove,” and has gone on to become the song that will be sung at Canadian weddings and in parades.

In 2015, the National Symphony Orchestra released a music video that included a rendition of “Pinch Me, Don’t You,” which became the country anthem in 1967.

The National Symphony also made a video in honor of the song.

But the song has not won a Grammy.

It was nominated as a songwriter in 1969, but the song won a Best Country Album award that year.

In 1975, it was awarded a Grammy for Best Country Vocal Album.

In 2010, the CBC and CBC Radio’s “The Early Show” released a documentary about the story of the Pinscher song.

In the documentary, it is said that when Jackson was asked to write a song for a country concert, he was not interested.

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