A Happy Song by Michael Jackson is a Winner of the 2016 Grammy Award

It’s the year of the happy song.

In honor of Jackson’s 80th birthday, the Recording Academy has released the album Happy Song, featuring the best songs of his career.

Happy Song has earned three nominations: Album of the Year, Best Rock Performance, and Best Rap Performance.

As usual, Jackson is one of the nominees, but not the only one.

“I’m happy that the world is listening to this album,” Jackson told Rolling Stone.

“We’ve got this record, we’re on the radio, and it’s playing in our homes, it’s going to change the world.”

Jackson’s music is no stranger to Grammy awards.

In the 1980s, he won for his work on the hit Broadway show It’s a Wonderful Life and for his contributions on the soundtrack to the film Avatar.

“This is a big record, so this is big,” Jackson said.

“It’s a good album for a number of reasons.

I’ve always loved music.

I have a great sense of style and feel.

I’m not afraid to make things a little bit better.

That’s my style.

And I like to do things a bit differently.”

Jackson is nominated for the best rock performance award, for the album that featured the song, and for the record for Best Rock Album.

He’s also nominated for Best Song Written for a Motion Picture, which is not surprising considering the song was a song for Jackson’s upcoming film, Jackson: The Journey.

“The song that he wrote for ‘The Journey’ is the song that won the Grammy,” said Jackson, who also wrote for the movie.

“You just get to see what he can do with that song.”

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