Lionel Richie: ‘Love song lyrics are a gift from God’

Lionel, a singer-songwriter who is a longtime friend of Michael Jackson, has shared a number of song lyrics with his fans.

He shared a few in a Facebook post last week.

In them, he writes: “Love song is a gift, a gift given to you by your God.”

“We have all been there, and that feeling when we hear someone sing ‘I love you’ to their family and friends,” he wrote.

“This feeling is a real gift from our God.

It’s a gift that’s given us life, a joy, a light and love.”

He goes on to say, “I hope that the love song you give to your family and the love you give back to your friends will be a gift to you, too.

We are all in this together.

You can take the love and light and joy, and make it into your own personal song, and put it in a box, and bring it home with you.”

In the post, he wrote, “If you want to share something, write something.

If you want your song to be heard, write a song.”

He also said he wanted to share his lyrics because they’re so universal.

“The best song lyrics I have ever seen are those of the Lord Jesus Christ.

They’re so perfect, so personal, so sincere.

You could write a poem and tell it to your kid, ‘I loved you.

You gave me life, and I love you forever,’ and the kid would say, ‘You’re right.

I love my God.'”

I believe God will answer my prayers, and he has always answered my prayers,” he added.

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