Six-pack: The greatest songs of all time – The Beatles’ six-pack

Six-packs are the ultimate in bragging rights.

It’s the way you show your mates you’ve earned it.

The Beatles have been collecting albums, albums, and albums of every kind, from jazz to rock, jazz to disco, rock to soul, soul to jazz, and the list goes on.

But they also went one step further.

The six-packs were designed to be the ultimate party hat, so they included an exclusive Beatles theme song, “When I’m Sixty-Eight”, written by Paul McCartney for the band’s album, Rubber Soul.

The song became a cult classic, and it’s one of the best-loved songs of the last century.

The first Beatles album, White Album, came out in 1977.

FourFourSeconds: Six-Pack: The Beatles album theme song The Beatles first album, The White Album (released in 1977), featured a catchy, funky, jazz-influenced song, the Beatles’ first hit song.

Six-Packs are just as catchy, but also a bit more mellow, with a funky guitar melody and a slow-building rhythm.

They’re just like a six-month period of your life, a big night out or a party, but without the party vibe.

A song that has the potential to get you high, too.

If you’re going to be partying, don’t miss out on these six-packs. The six best rock songs of this century Six-picks are a great way to show off the fact you are a good party-goer.

There are many songs in the Beatles catalogue that feature the Beatles theme tune, and they’re all very catchy, as you might expect.

So here are some of the songs you’ll want to sing along to at a party or to a bar, or at a bar or to the club.


“You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” – The Rolling Stones – A band that is often considered one of rock’s greatest bands has been making tunes like this for more than 40 years.

This tune is a bit of a departure from the typical rock-based tunes that are popular today.

It features a funky melody and some of rock ‘n roll’s most iconic harmonies.


“The Biggest Loser” – Black Sabbath – Another band that has a penchant for rock-inspired songs is Black Sabbath, whose album, Black Sabbath: The Black Album, is one of only three albums that were released in the US that featured the theme song for the group.

“Biggest Losers” is a catchy rock-and-roll number that also features some of Rock and Roll’s most famous harmonies and rhythm section.


“All Along the Watchtower” – Queen – Queen was the first pop group to use the theme for a hit song and the group is considered one to watch for in the pop charts today.

The tune features the theme and lyrics from a song called “Lover of Mine”.


“Love Me Do” – Stevie Wonder – The Queen of England, who was married to the legendary guitarist, Paul McCartney, is a huge rock fan and often uses the theme to inspire her music.

This catchy song features a great rock rhythm and has some of their best harmonies, as well as some very catchy tunes, like “Losing My Edge”.


“Like a Rolling Stone” – Billy Joel – This one is the ultimate rock-influence song for a party and a lot of the harmonies are very catchy.

It also features a very catchy rhythm section and a few classic rock hits, like the chorus from the classic song “You Want It Darker”.


“I Am the Walrus” – Elvis Presley – Presley’s songs are a little more mellower than his previous works, but still contain some of his signature harmonies as well.

The theme for “I AM THE WALRUS” is an easy-to-listen rock tune that has some great harmonies from the song “I Want You to Know”.

There are some other rock-style tunes that Elvis might enjoy as well, like his song “The Walrus Song”.

If you can’t make it to a rock concert, you can always enjoy a song like “Rock and Roll” at a jam session. The most popular rock songs in 2018 The Beatles albums are the best selling albums of all-time.

But what’s your favourite Beatles song?

Let us know in the comments.


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