How To Be A F**king Bitch

When we say we love music, we don’t mean the stuff that’s in a box or the music you’ve heard at the bar.

We love music that has more in common with the songs that were written by the guys who created it, as opposed to the band that made it.

But there are a few songs that are truly iconic in their time, and we’re here to give you the definitive list of the best.

(And, of course, we also offer you a few picks for your next F**KING BITCH song, too.)1.

The Killers (Killers, 1966) “This is for you, you f**king f**k.

I got your heart and your soul.

This is for the f**ker who f**ks me.”2.

The Band (Bassnectar, 1999) “We’re a band, but we’re a gang.

That’s why we got the name, but it’s a f**ked up f**kin name, f**kk.

Let’s go out in the world together.”3.

The Beatles (The Beatles, 1966-1969) “I know you’re tired of me, I know you want me gone, I’m going to take you out of the house.”4.

Led Zeppelin (Led Zeppelin, 1968) “Stairway to Heaven, that’s what I think.

Stairway up the hill.

That is what I like.”5.

Metallica (Metallica, 1995-present) “Get it right, you little shit.”6.

The Rolling Stones (Rolling Stones, 1973-1975) “You know what?

I’ve got no love for you.

You ain’t mine, man.

You f**ken little f**kers.”7.

Pink Floyd (Roger Waters, 1972-1976) “And I say, you’re a f****** f**cker and you’re f**cking up, you s**t.

I’m f**ckin’ with you.

I f**knows you f****t, I f***ck with you.”8.

The Who (The Who, 1969-1975, 1976) “There is no love in the universe.

There is only darkness.”9.

Pink Panther (Pink Panther, 1985) “When I walk up to you I will find you in the darkness.

I will be right behind you, with your hands behind your back.”10.

Queen (Queen, 1970) “The best is yet to come.”11.

Nirvana (Nirvana, 1994-1996) “What I am, is a f***king monster, a f*****g monster.”12.

AC/DC (Rollins Brothers, 1979-1982) “They f**kins were playing to the moon.”13.

Metallix (Metallic, 2001) “A thousand and one f**cks, I’ll be back.”14.

Metallium (Metal, 1995) “Metallium is the greatest band in the history of mankind.”15.

Bob Dylan (Bob Dylan, 1964-1966) “To say I love Bob Dylan is an understatement.

The man is f**KING beautiful.

I’ve always loved Bob Dylan.”16.

Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (Queen’s ‘Rhapsody in Blue’, 1962) “It’s just the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard, the most beautifully written song I ever heard.”17.

The Clash (The Clash, 1975) “Our hearts are a fickle fountain, And we will f**ch up our lives.”18.

The Beach Boys (The Beach Boys, 1969) “Can you see the sunshine?

It’s not there.”19.

Pearl Jam (Pearl Jam, 1986) “Birds of a feather flock together.”20.

The Doors (The Doors, 1972) “If you want a woman, you need a man.

And you can’t have both.”21.

Talking Heads (Talking Heads, 1984) “Everything you know, is true.

All you need is a little time, a little patience.”22.

AC or Bust (AC/DC, 1991) “Yeah, I was up in the studio for six months with a s**tty bass and a shitty guitar and I made a record.

And we did the same thing again.”23.

Queen ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ (The White Stripes, 1986-1987) “She was a bitch, but she was my friend.

She was my girl, she was mine.

I had to put up with her, and she put up a good fight.”24.

Black Sabbath ‘Get Down’ (Black Sabbath, 1977-1978) “My heart goes out to all those kids who got killed in the war.

You guys are all my heroes.”25.

The Ramones ‘I’m Not Gonna Take It’ (Ramones

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