Sad song about losing dad, dad’s best friend: Sad song for losing dad

ESPN is airing a sad song about the passing of a dad, his best friend and the fact that he’s no longer around to share in his legacy.

The song, “Sad Song About Loss,” is a tribute to the late Jerry Sloan, who passed away earlier this month at age 85.

In the song, Jerry’s best friends, Jimmy and Bill, are joined by a few friends, including his daughter, Kim, and son, Bobby.

“I’m not sure if you remember, but Jerry Sloan was a very, very, a very big fan of mine,” Kim Sloan told the audience.

“So I was able to see him and talk to him, and he just loved my mom.”

The sad song was recorded at the Sloan Estate in Los Angeles and was created by a trio of singers, including Kim Sloan, in conjunction with The Jimmy Sloan Foundation, which was started in his honor.

It’s a fitting tribute to a man who, along with his wife, was the mother of a newborn son.

And the tribute was inspired by the song’s title, “The One Who Loves You Always.”

The Sloan estate is located at the corner of South Van Ness and East Green Streets in Los Angles.

The Sloan Estate is owned by Jimmy Sloan.

Jimmy Sloan passed away on Monday, May 11, at the age of 85.

The estate has not released his final will.

It will be held at The Sloan estate on July 17.

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