Bee Gees sing Queen songs as Queen ‘gives us a break’

Posted November 03, 2018 05:01:56 Queen guitarist Freddie Mercury was a fan of Queen and was even inspired by Queen’s song “Breathless”, according to the band’s daughter, who has spoken to the singer on the record.

Queen has not been shy about sharing their lyrics with fans on social media, including the band sharing a song titled “Breatless” with fans in April, a song Queen wrote in 2012, and a song with Mercury on it in 2016.

“The only reason I know Freddie is because he used to call me up, ‘Oh you want to sing a Queen song?’

And I would say, ‘No, Freddie, you’re going to have to write it,'” former Queen bandmate and longtime manager Paul Weller told ABC News.

“And he said, ‘I’ve got this one.'”

The song, written by Queen drummer Jonny Greenwood, was inspired by a moment in Queen’s recording sessions where the singer asked the band if they wanted to sing something.

“I was like, ‘It’s a great idea, we should do this song,'” Mercury told ABC.

“He said, ‘[If we want to] write a song about a girl, a girl’s got to be in the band.'”

The two met for the first time at the studio, where they became friends and started writing songs together, Weller said.

“It was really cool.

They had an amazing chemistry,” he said.

Mercury’s influence on Queen is so evident in the songs, which include “Dancing Queen” and “The Star Spangled Banner”.

He also shared a songwriting session with former Queen bassist Ian Gillan, who would later go on to play with Queen.

“We were writing songs for Ian, and I remember being like, Oh my God, I’ve never written a song like this, I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m really excited about it,” Mercury said.

In the song “Let Me Be Yours”, Mercury sings about how the song is a “reward for a woman”.

“I think it’s the same thing, I think a lot of it was just him being like a little guy, it was his voice and he was able to bring out this little boy inside of me, and that’s the reason I wanted to write that song, he was a little boy,” he explained.

“Because he was so gentle, he just seemed so happy, you know, so nice, so he was very kind, very gentle, and he had this wonderful smile on his face.”

“Let me be yours” was one of the last songs written by Mercury and it is the only song on the album.

“There was a song that he was writing that he wasn’t allowed to write because he was the drummer of Queen,” Weller added.

“But that was the last song he ever wrote, so that’s what the album is about.”

Mercury died in 2011.

“If he was really happy and happy and sad and everything like that, that’s just so much fun,” Wellers said.

The album is released on January 16.

“They’re great guys, they’re great singers, they can be really funny, they could be really good in a band, and they’re so, so lovely,” Mercury’s former bandmate Dave Mustaine said.

“(It’s) just really sad to see Freddie die.”

“It’s just sad to hear Freddie die,” he added.

A source close to Mercury told the ABC that he passed away on Wednesday, but that he had been receiving treatment for a hip cancer diagnosis at the time of his death.

“No, we’re not saying he was dying of cancer,” the source said.

A former Queen songwriter told ABC that Mercury’s death was “a shock”.

“If it’s true he was not on his medication and was suffering from cancer, it’s really shocking to hear,” the songwriter, who asked not to be named, told the broadcaster.

“Even if it’s just for the sake of the band and for his legacy, it should be a huge shock for the band, because we all know he’s one of our great great mates.”

A source said Mercury was the “first and only one” to write a Queen record and that the band would not release any other music without him.

“Queen are one of those bands that have been so good to him, he loved them,” the singer’s brother, Peter Mercury, told ABC radio.

“All the other bands, they’ve all got their names on the back of it, and the band wouldn’t release any of their other music.”

Mercury’s son, Dave, told reporters he had heard the news and “gave his condolences to Freddie’s family”.

“He was one great singer and an incredibly talented musician,” the band member said.

Queen’s Freddie Mercury is pictured at the 2017 Grammy Awards at Staples Center in

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