Jim Rutherford talks about Bob Dylan songwriting,playing golf with the greats and more

CARRIE UNDERWOOD: “I think I’ve had my share of great times in my life and this has been the greatest.

I’m really excited to be able to share that with all of you.”

That’s the sentiment in the new song “It Ain’t Easy Being Blue.”

The first single from her new album “My Life” is titled “The Boy” and will hit the Billboard Hot 100 on April 15.

It features the hit song and the new video for “It’s Not Easy Being Black.”

“I wanted to do something different,” she told me over the phone.

“I’ve been in a bad relationship for so long and I felt like I had to do a little something different.

It was fun.

I was just a little girl when I wrote it.

I thought it was really great.

I didn’t really think about what I was doing.

I just put it out there.”

As part of a promotional blitz, Underwood said she wanted to make a video for a song that had been written by Bob Dylan and which has become a favorite in his songwriting.

“I thought that it would be really good for me to be the person who would write a song for the song,” she said.

“So I decided to write a tune for the title song.

It’s just a very, very simple tune.

I think it’s a very easy song to sing and I wanted to play it live.

I don’t really know how it went down with the Bob Dylan folks.

It took a lot of work and a lot time and some time.

It really took a toll on me.

I guess I was in a lot more trouble then.”

The song was written by Dylan, who was in the process of recording “The Times They Are a Changin'” with singer-songwriter-guitarist Joe Satriani.

“My Life,” which is on her new EP, was inspired by Dylan’s song “You’re a Woman,” which he wrote in 1964 for the hit “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”

“It’s just such a great story, so it was a little bit of a challenge,” she explained.

“It was very different to write for Dylan, but I knew he was one of the greatest songwriters.

I knew that there was such a huge audience for Bob Dylan.

He was a huge influence on my life, and so was the songwriting and production of the album.”

Underwood has also collaborated with some of her favorite artists.

“When I was a kid I had a guitar named ‘Tears of the World’ because it’s such a beautiful guitar,” she recalled.

“The name of that guitar was ‘Tear of the world.'”

“I’m always inspired by a song,” Underwood added.

“A song like ‘I’ll Never Let You Go’ is a song about love and loss, and it’s about a love that’s been gone for a long time and a loss that’s gone for too long.

So it’s just so inspiring to me.”

As for her personal favorite song, she has a favorite.

“That song is called ‘I’m A Woman.’

I love it so much, and I’ve never had any real songs like that in my entire life.

So I just wrote that one and it was like the best song ever.

I couldn’t believe how much I loved it.

It just goes out to all the little girls out there who are having a really hard time.

I love that song.”

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