Green Day song codes: Blake Shelton, Green Day, songs

Blak Shelton has written and performed songs for Green Day since 2009.

He’s currently working on his debut album, but he told us he has more to say about the music he’s written and recorded for the band.

“I have more songs on my album that I’ve written for Green Days and more songs for other bands,” Shelton said.

“But, to be honest, I don’t really write songs for myself.”

He added, “I would say that about 10 percent of my songs are written for myself.

That’s not to say that all of my stuff is written for others, but it’s a small portion of it.”

He noted that he wrote a song called “You Don’t Know Me” for the Green Day’s 2012 album, which was a collaborative effort with longtime friend Nick Jonas.

He also has a number of collaborations with other artists.

He said he’s been inspired by the band’s work and that the songs on his albums are influenced by them.

“The Green Day songs are kind of a tribute to the way they feel about life, their relationship with each other, and how they all get along,” he said.

Shelton explained that his songs reflect his own thoughts and feelings about life.

“Some of the songs, like ‘We Are Young,’ are a little bit like, I feel like I’m going through this, and that’s kind of the theme of the album,” he explained.

“And some of the other songs, ‘Green Day’ is about being a kid and how that is a blessing in disguise, and you can always change the world, but sometimes you can’t.”

The songs are inspired by his upbringing and his experiences in the city of Houston.

“In the past, Houston was sort of a melting pot of culture and people from all different backgrounds and different cultures, so it’s very interesting to me,” he continued.

If I’m a new artist, that might not be where I was at when I first started out. “

If I’m coming from the city that I grew up in, that’s where I’m at.

If I’m a new artist, that might not be where I was at when I first started out.

So I want that kind of authenticity, and I want people to know that I’m still here and that I still have a place in the music world.”

He also shared some other interesting tidbits from his past life, like the time he was arrested for trespassing and was jailed for three days in 2014.

He says he spent time in jail because he was “a little drunk,” and “I was in the middle of the night, and my mom came into the room, and she was like, ‘You gotta leave, or we’re going to arrest you.'”

Shelton says he was in and out of jail on charges of possession of marijuana and driving without a license.

He ended up serving the time, but was later released on bond, and he says he’s “happy to be home now.”

He told us that his time in prison helped him get his life back on track.

“It’s helped me through a lot of tough times,” he recalled.

You got to change, and change and change.””

When you’re in jail and you get to the point where you’re like, my life is really over, and the only thing you can do is get out of the jail and go to the city and go live with your family, you’re going, okay, that wasn’t a good life.

You got to change, and change and change.”

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