When the music stops, the song starts

After a series of major pop stars decided to take a break from touring, they finally released a new album, “The Ballad of Billy White,” on December 16.

The track is a celebration of his life, and its an anthem to a life of songwriting and songwriting-writing-making.

The album’s lead single, “You Don’t Know Me,” is a touching tribute to the former singer-songwriter.

The song is written by the Grammy-nominated and Grammy-winning Billy Eichner, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer at the age of 19 and had a difficult time of it.

“It’s very emotional for me, because I’ve been through this before,” he said in a press release.

“And the first time I was able to write it, I felt so proud of it, and so happy.

And then I wrote it again, and it just grew.

And it grew even bigger, and then it became this huge thing.”

This is Billy White, one of the biggest pop stars in history, and he wrote this song to help him.

And I feel like I have a lot to be proud of.

It’s very important for me.

“You don’t know me, but I know you,” Eichners voice says in the song.

“I’m Billy White.”

He is just a normal kid, who is in the middle of a normal life, with a normal wife and kids, and the only time he gets to sing is when he’s onstage, performing in a show, singing the “You DON’T Know Me” song, and people are singing along with him.

It is one of those moments where you feel like you’ve just had your fill of him, and you just want to let him go, but you’re still there to sing.

“Just be a little bit more,” he sings.

“Please, don’t worry, I’m still here.”

Billy White’s wife, Loni Love, said in the press release that the song has “the warmth and power of a child’s song,” and that it was “a gift for his parents.”

In the past, the singer-writer has said he had been struggling with his diagnosis.

“This is something that’s really been bothering me for a long time,” he told Rolling Stone in 2011.

“Every time I go on stage, it seems like I’ve just been through something that I’m not supposed to be feeling.

And the thing that I’ve had most of my life is being treated like a joke, like a loser.

And so when I get the chance to do something that people have said I’ve never done before, it’s really special.

I just feel blessed to be able to do it, to do this and share it with people.”

It was a big deal when the song was released.

The video for the song went viral, which helped the singer get his name out there.

And while Eichnener did not take part in the writing of the song, he said he wanted the audience to feel that it made a difference.

“The more people knew about it, the more it just seemed like it was a great thing to do, and I think that helped a lot,” he explained.

“To see that it touched people in a different way was really, really amazing.”

“You Didn’t Know me” is a fun song, which can be a great way to show that a person has touched you and made you feel special.

But, as the song notes, the lyrics aren’t meant to be funny.

They’re not meant to tell jokes, and they’re not intended to be easy to understand.

“If you wanna be a singer, you have to be a true singer,” Echner said.

“So this is just like a really simple, straightforward, honest, honest song that I love to sing, but that I know I’m going to be singing for the rest of my whole life.”

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