‘Moana’ Star Stevie Nicks To Play ‘Strictly Ballroom’ At The 2017 Grammy Awards

In an interview with Billboard, Stevies daughter, Jaden, revealed the news.

“It’s going to be a different album, it’s going a different direction,” she said.

“But it will be a song and it will also be a video.

So I think it will go well.”

Stevie, who was the first black member of Van Halen, said she was inspired by “the way it’s about a lot of the same people” and “their journey and how they’re feeling.”

She said that “Strict” will be released in 2019.

Stravinski and the rest of the Van Halens were nominated for eight Grammys this year, including Best New Artist for “Moana,” which won best animated feature and best original song for “Stairway to Heaven.”

Van Halen was also nominated for best new album for “Guns N’ Roses” and best new song for its new song “Candyman.”

Van and Stavies daughter Jaden said that she was happy that the “Stricter” video will be made available to the public, and that it will have “a very different feel.”

“We wanted it to be kind of like a video,” she told Billboard.

“And that’s what we did.

And that’s how I felt when I was watching it.”

Van Hollen and the other members of Van Hollen were nominated in their own category for best songwriting for their song “Don’t Stop Believin’,” which won Best Rock Performance.

“Moana” will mark the second time Van Hollens songwriting has been nominated for an Oscar.

He was nominated for his solo song “Boredoms” for “Inception” and his songwriting work on the Oscar-nominated “Moonlight” and the film “The Revenant.”

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