Why Kim Jong Un is a master of politics

By Simon JackmanPosted March 07, 2018 05:23:48Kim Jong Un has always been known as a master at political manipulation.

But with his current popularity, he is now looking to further his power as the leader of the nation.

As his popularity continues to rise, the North Korean leader is taking the lead in a new era of the North Korea.

He has decided to create a dynasty and his children are looking to take advantage of the opportunity.

Kim Jong Il’s son, Kim Jong Nam, is expected to take over the leadership after Kim Jong-un dies.

He is expected later this year to take charge of the country.

Kim Jung Un’s daughter, Kim Kyong Hui, is also expected to succeed him as leader.

It is unclear what role she will play.

The younger Kim Jong Suk, who has been sidelined since February, has been making overtures towards the North.

He will be in charge of overseeing economic policy and the reopening of the Korean Friendship Bridge, which was closed for more than two years.

Kim Kyong Hak, a political analyst and professor at the University of North Korea, said Kim Jong Il was not known as someone who would take his family’s interests into consideration.

But Kim Jong Kyong-Hak believes his father is looking for a way to extend his influence.

She believes Kim Jong Jong Un will look to use the opportunities to extend the reach of his family through politics.’

He’s very good at managing relationships, he has a very good grasp of how to manage the political situation,’ she said.’

But I think he’s also very good about using his power to extend it to the public.’

I think he will use it as a way of getting to the masses and making them more receptive to him.’

The latest news on North Korea:

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