‘My favorite song’: Evan Williams talks about the best songs of his life and the best new songs that he’s released

Evan Williams is the one that got me thinking about all the great songs from his life.

Evan’s been writing about music since he was 16 years old, and he has released five albums of his own, including The Evan Williams Show, The Evan Wilson Show, Evan’s New Song, Evan the Vanishingly Awesome Singer and Evan’s new album, My Favorite Song.

He was the first person to release a podcast that featured music videos and interviews, so it was only natural that Evan would be the first to offer up his favorite songs.

I was really curious about Evan’s favorite songs from the past 30 years, and I wanted to find out which ones were the best and which ones I might have missed out on.

So, here are my top five favorite Evan Williams songs from 20 years of pop music.

My Favorite Song: ‘You’re Beautiful’ (from Evan’s ‘The Evan Wilson Song’) The Evan Williams Song: The EvanWilson Song (featuring Evan Williams) The My Favorite Music Song: Evan’s Best Song (The EvanWilson) My favorite Evan songs from my childhood, as well as his best songs from years gone by.

The best Evan Williams song from a song I’ve heard before, like The Evan’s best song.

What’s your favorite Evan song?

Let us know in the comments below.

Follow Evan on Twitter @EvanWilliams

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