Fuzzy Fuzz’s ‘Fuzzy’ video gets 10-year anniversary coverage

Fuzz the Fuzz is back with a new video, “Fuzz the Funky,” and the song has got the whole world in its sights.

It’s got some awesome lyrics and a fun video for the title track, which the band is promoting as the first release from their new label.

In the video, the songwriter sings about being “a little fuzzy.”

“It’s a funny little video, but it’s also a little weird,” Fuzz frontman Tyler Perry tells Billboard.

“The song itself is called ‘Funny.’

We’ve been working on a new song with Tyler Perry for a while now.

The song’s called ‘Funky.'”

Perry says it was “a really fun project, with Tyler and the Furry Fandom,” and that the new song was written by him and Fuzz.

“We have a great time writing music together, and it’s a blast to do music,” Perry adds.

“I think this new record is the next step for Fuzz.”

The Fuzz has always been about exploring their own sound, Perry says.

“We’re all just kids.

We’ve all been trying to make music, and Tyler Perry is the only one that has that experience,” he says.

Perry says he had an opportunity to work with Perry and the rest of the Furs, and he has been blown away by what he’s heard so far.

“It’s crazy,” he adds.

Perry says the Fuffys new album is “probably the most unique Fuzz record yet,” and he says it will “take you on a journey.”

The band has been working hard on new music in preparation for its first album.

Perry explains that the Fuffs most recent release, “Weirdos,” was written with producer Mark Hoppus, who Perry says has been the “biggest influence on our sound.”

Hopps influence on the Foos sound has been clear from the moment Perry joined the band.

“Everything from the writing to the arrangements, to the vocals, to every aspect of the band has a lot to do with Hopp’s vision,” Perry says, adding that Hopp is “a huge influence on everything that we do.”

Perry says the new album will be more experimental, and that “we’re going to try new things and try new approaches.”

He adds that he feels that the music has grown up in the past couple of years, and is “going to do whatever we can to make it more exciting and more entertaining.”

The “Funny” video was directed by “Furry Furs,” and Perry says that it’s “really cool” to see “Furries” performing in front of the world.

Perry adds that the video “was just something that we thought was going to be cool.”

The music video is “just the best thing that we’ve done,” Perry continues.

“And it’s not just a fun, cute, funny video, it’s an incredibly emotional experience.”

Perry also says that “the band is just doing the best we can.”

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