Frank Sinatra’s BTS Songs Revealed: 20 Songs From the ’80s and ’90s

In his late 70s and early 80s, Frank Sinas most famous hit was “I Wanna Be Yours.”

In many ways, that hit was a forerunner to many of the current BTS songs, and even if the song wasn’t technically the first BTS song, it was a great precursor to most of the modern BTS hits.

“I wanna be yours” was released on the Japanese BTS compilation of Frank Sinascan’s hit songs titled BTS Music.

Sinascans “Iwata” was the most popular song of the compilation, with over 12 million copies sold.

This album of BTS music was released by Sinascana Records, which was owned by Sinas brother, Frank.

The BTS album, entitled BTS: The Music of Frank.

BTS Entertainment has released many BTS albums over the years.

The original BTS hit song, “IWATA,” was released in 1982.

It was a remake of the “I want a girlfriend” hit “Waka Flocka-Doo” by The Wailers.

IWATA was a popular Japanese pop hit.

Sinascana also released a Japanese-language version of “I Wanted a Girl” titled B.I.P.E. (B.I..


Em) in 1988.

This version was a remixed version of the original.

In 1993, Sinas album of “Frank Sinas BTS Hits” was re-released.

The song “I Want A Girl” was included on the re-releases of the album.

Frank Sinascano released the BTS series as a solo artist in the mid-1990s, but the album he released in 1994, BTS 4, was still a BTS recording.

The next BTS single, “Girlfriend,” appeared in 1995.

BTS has become a cult phenomenon and a worldwide phenomenon.

Its popularity has been attributed to its upbeat and unique songs and videos.

B. I.P.’s “Gorgeous,” which featured a song by Sin as the lead singer, became the first video to feature the B. I..


sing along to the song.

On the Bts website, B.S.S., the B-Team (the official name for BTS) is the BtS team.

B.B. King, who is the lead vocalist for the group, is BTS.

SINAS SONG “SORRY” was originally written for a B-team song called “Geezer.”

It was released as the title song of a Japanese compilation album titled Bts: The B.A.T. (Birth A.T.) in 1988 and 1989.

The video for the song was also released in 1989.

Bts released several other songs on the BTA album.

“Love You to Death” was a Japanese BTA song.

“Pleasure Ride” was also a Japanese Japanese B. A. T. track.

“My Love” was one of the songs from B.P..

T (BTS: My Love).

Bts’ first B. T..

A hit song “My Love,” was recorded by the Japanese rock band, B-Boys.

Another Japanese BtT song, titled “Love,” was produced by the British singer, Frank Black.

A BTS video was released titled “I Got Love.”

This video featured BTS singing the BMT song “Hai To!” in a concert in Japan.

MUSIC VIDEOS The Japanese B- Team BTS artists were known for their singing skills.

They were known as the “Frankies,” or the “The Frankies.”

“I WANNA BE YOURS” was sung by BTS in 1982 and 1983.

There was a “Frankie Show” on television in Japan, and the group had numerous television commercials.

When BTS released their Japanese BTP song “Wanna Be yours,” the band was recognized as one of Japan’s most popular groups.

One of Bts’ most successful songs, “Piece of My Heart,” was written by the BTT (Bits To Tones) songwriting team.

Japanese BTS members had their own television shows, including the BTP’s “My Brother’s Sister,” which aired on Japanese TV.

BtTS also appeared on “Bachelor in Paradise” and “The Bachelorette” in Japan as well as on “The Price Is Right.”

The BTS BTS band members were recognized by their fans.

They were inducted into the Japan’s highest honor: the Japan Band of Fame.

Many BTS Japanese BTF members performed at concerts in Japan including the “BTS-produced” BTS Live Tour in Tokyo

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