Pina Colada Song for the Day – Green Day

The band’s song, ‘Pina Coladas’, has been trending on social media for days and the pop star is now being featured on the cover of the cover album of the book ‘Green Day’ for the first time.

The song, which is a song of the Green Day album ‘Bury Me in the Sand’ is also being released in a deluxe edition and as a digital download.

Pina coladas are a seasonal treat made from pineapple, pineapple juice, coconut, and orange, which are then wrapped in a coconuts shell, rolled into balls, and eaten.

It was one of the songs featured on ‘Green Days’ first album in 2016, which became a best seller.

‘Green Day’, which is now out in the UK and Australia on CD, is the first album from the band since 2014.

“I can’t imagine being anywhere but in the Green Age and being in a position where I can do this for the next 10 years,” the singer told the Sunday Independent.

He added: “This is really a celebration of the music I love, and a song that I love to sing.

I was a big fan of ‘Barry Manilow’s’ ‘Green’ back in the day, and I have a lot of admiration for it.

This is my favourite song of all time.

This is what I want to sing.”

Pinacoladas are made by filling a coco-nut shell with water and pouring over pineapple juice in a colander, then wrapping the coco and pineapple together in a shell, roll into balls and eat.

In 2016, the song was used on a green-themed ‘Green Week’ campaign that brought awareness to the environmental impact of plastic pollution.

After the album’s release, the band returned to the pop scene, appearing on Green Day’s ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic and Justin Bieber songs, with the group releasing a new album ‘Dangerous’ in November 2017.

A new song, titled ‘We Came Back’, is also slated to be released on March 11.

Green Day have also played at the White House and at the Vatican, as well as playing at festivals such as Coachella and Lollapalooza.

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