Why ‘Citizenfour’ is the best film of 2017

It was a year of incredible change for the genre.

In 2017, there were a lot of great movies to watch, but most of them were still mostly documentaries.

The genre was beginning to show signs of its golden age, and a lot more filmmakers were pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with a camera.

“Citizen Four” was one of the most ambitious films to hit theaters, and it had its ups and downs.

The movie was one year in the making and the filmmakers had a lot to prove.

And it all culminated in a pretty big, weird, and ultimately successful film.

Here are five things you should know about Citizen Four: First of all, this is an adaptation of the book by Julian Assange, and the film was shot entirely in a basement.

The book is an extremely controversial book in the sense that it paints Assange as a monster, but it also paints him as an extraordinarily gifted and accomplished filmmaker.

The film, though, is entirely based on the book, and has a different tone from the book.

While most films try to do the same thing over and over again, the film is mostly different every time.

In other words, there are some big scenes that are completely different from the one you’re watching now.

For example, there’s a scene where a young Assange takes a taxi and an older Assange rides it, but there’s also a scene in which the older Assange gives a speech to a small group of friends, which is pretty different from what you’re seeing in the movie.

The older Assange is still in a wheelchair, and there’s one scene where the older man talks to the younger Assange while he’s standing up.

So it’s really about the different elements of the film.

You also have this scene where Assange’s father talks to a young girl while they’re sitting on the same bench in a park, which you see as being very similar to a scene from the novel.

Also, the two of them are both talking in a language that doesn’t sound like English, but you’re really supposed to interpret what they’re saying and how they’re talking.

The scenes between them are actually two completely different scenes, and you can tell the filmmakers were trying to create something that sounded like an English dialogue.

The dialogue is just a little bit different in each of these scenes, so it’s kind of like a hybrid between the two.

The biggest difference between the film and the book is the ending.

The ending of the novel is completely different, and was actually based on a book that had been written in a different language.

The director and co-writer, Laura Poitras, was writing the book in English, so the book had a very different ending than the film did.

That was the film’s biggest challenge, though.

There was this big controversy going on when the book was published, and I think the movie has had to deal with that, too.

There are a lot different things that the film has to deal, and we had to come up with different endings, so there were different scenes.

There’s also some scenes that were completely different to what you see in the book because they were edited together to make them sound the same, so they had a completely different feel.

For instance, one of them has an old man who’s talking to his daughter, and that scene was cut out.

There were a couple other scenes that had very similar ending, and those scenes had to be edited together in post.

In a way, the movie is really a hybrid of the two books.

It was actually written in English so it had to fit that narrative.

There is a scene with the two men talking to each other in the same room, but in the film it’s edited together and the older guy talks to his son and his daughter.

That’s also different in the way that the two films are done.

You can actually hear it in the trailer, though: the older brother is talking to the boy.

So, there was a lot that we had done to try to make the movie as close to the book as possible, and make it feel as close as possible to the original.

It’s kind, in a way that, when you watch the film, it feels like you’re actually sitting in the room with the older one talking to him, and then you see it from a different angle and see what he’s saying.

And then the younger one is sitting on his couch, and in between you can hear the older part of the conversation.

It kind of feels like it’s the same movie, and people will recognize it, because it sounds like they’re speaking to each others’ parents.

That, though is one of its biggest challenges.

The most important thing about the film for me was to make it as close and authentic as possible.

There aren’t many people in the world who can do that.

So we had an editor who worked for them, and she was able to find and get all the necessary permits for all

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