Love song lyrics to baby shark

A love song to baby sharks has been uploaded to YouTube.

The song, entitled Baby Shark Song, was recorded in the Australian Capital Territory on February 26 by musician David Sperber.

Sperber recorded the song to the song’s songwriter partner, Mark Liddell, who told the song was written by a friend and recorded while they were in the wild.

He said it was intended to be an affectionate song for the couple’s two-year-old daughter, who was born on December 16.

Sorrel said the song, which features lyrics from the song Baby Shark by Mark Lauds, is meant to be a love song for Laud, a musician who has written songs for artists such as The Beatles and The Eagles.

The video for the song has been viewed over 1.2 million times.

The singer, who is from Canberra, said he had also recorded an arrangement of Baby Shark’s song with a young boy who had been adopted by the couple, called Jingle, which he called “my favourite song”.

He said Jingle’s song, Baby Shark, was about the two people who were adopted together and about their love.

“It’s an incredibly moving song,” Sorrel said.

“The baby shark’s a little bit of a whale, and that’s why it’s so beautiful.”

We’re very happy with the arrangement.

“Sorrell said he and Laud had recorded Baby Shark on February 20, and planned to record it again the next day.

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