When the Cowboys need to put on a show

I don’t know how anyone could have been so wrong in the middle of the NFC Championship Game when it came to predicting the Cowboys would lose to the Giants.

We knew that.

And the Cowboys needed to get to the Super Bowl.

This team didn’t, and I’m pretty sure it won’t.

The Giants have an 8-5 record, have lost five straight, have won their last three, are 6-3.

They’re the only team in the NFC that is better than Dallas at home, and they’ve been outscored 30-7 in the first half of games.

And while Eli Manning is playing at a level not seen since he was a kid, Dak Prescott is having his best season as a pro.

So is Eli.

So are the Giants and the Cowboys.

So who’s the real winner?

I mean, how many wins does this team have?

We have this team, but we have to be honest with ourselves about what they can be, and where we’ve been, and what they’ve done to get where we are right now.

And we have this group that’s not playing well.

And they have a chance to change that, and change the culture around the team.

So how much of this team is healthy?

How many wins has this team had?

The answer to those questions is that the Cowboys have played at a high level this season, which is why the Cowboys won the NFC West, but they’ve also played well in the games they’ve played, and those games have been pretty disappointing.

So if you’re watching Sunday night, you want to be watching the Cowboys on Sunday.

But you want this team to win the division, you have to see what they have to show on Sunday night.

I know you’re not rooting for them to lose, but if you do, then it’s really, really hard to watch this team in a bad way.

They play well, and yet we see their record get worse.

You’ve got to love the Cowboys if you don’t root for them.

If they’re not winning, then you’ve got some pretty big problems, right?

Well, I do.

They have the fourth-best defense in the NFL.

They’ve played really well at home this season.

They seem to be on a roll at home.

So that’s a really good defense, and that’s something that they’ve had this year, but when they’ve lost a game, that’s always been an issue.

So the problem is the defense.

But the offense, as I said, is not getting the job done.

They lead the league in points scored, and while they’ve scored over 300 points in two of their last five games, they’ve still not scored more than 300 points this season — that’s the lowest mark for a team in that span of games, and the most by a team since the Broncos and Cowboys had the same mark in the same span.

And this team hasn’t played very well on the road.

That was a big reason they lost to the Packers, and it was a huge reason they won’t have any home games until the second half of the season.

But they’re still averaging 35 points per game, and if they get off to a slow start, then the Cowboys can get the job back in their own hands and get to a playoff spot.

I would bet money that if the Cowboys get to 10 wins and the Giants are 10 wins, I’ll have the Cowboys going home in the wild card round.

So you want your team to be successful at home?

If you’re going to have success at home and win a Super Bowl, the Cowboys are going to be the ones who get it done.

It’s their team.

They need to have a better offensive performance than they’ve given us in the past two games, especially if Dak Prescott has to be rested and he’s been getting hit, and when he’s not getting hit and throwing it in the air, it’s going to take a little more than the Giants, but that’s going

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